Congratulations to our Fall Quarter 2023 Standout Students

MKT 377 Sales Fundamentals with Charlie Drehmer

  • Jonas Banes- "Jonas is the gold standard for a student and salesperson. He executes everything at a very high level."
  • Dylan Pflughaupt- "Dylan is a true leader who makes everyone around him better."
  • Isiah Portillo- "Isiah is an excellent salesperson who is not afraid to create opportunities to succeed."

MKT 386 Social Impact Sales with Charlie Drehmer

  • Riley Coesens-" Riley sets the bar for her peers in and out of the classroom."
  • Dylan Pflughaupt- "Dylan always goes the extra mile to ensure things are done correctly."
  • Luke Zamarron- "Luke brings a tremendous amount of energy into the classroom."