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Meet Our Center for Sales Leadership Ambassadors

Community is a key aspect of the Sales Leadership program. Sales Ambassadors are current students with a minor/concentration in Sales Leadership who coordinate community events, communicate program benefits across campus, and serve as a resources to current and prospective Sales Leadership students. Have a question about life as a CSL student? Email to connect with an Ambassador.

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Ryan Dean is a Sophomore studying both Marketing and Management Information Systems (MIS) from Pleasanton, California. He moved half way across the country for DePaul's atmosphere and business school. Ryan rushed and joined the prestigious Business Fraternity: Alpha Kappa Psi during his Fall Quarter Freshman Year, where he currently sits on its Executive Board as Master of Rituals. He looks forward to working with the Sales Ambassador team to enhance the DePaul student experience.


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Hien is a Sophomore studying Honors Marketing (IME) with a concentration in Sales Leadership from Palatine, Illinois. She has always had a knack for analytical storytelling and problem solving, so her CSL focus is in Category Management. Hien was a member of the Sales Leadership EDGE team her freshman year, and is excited to engage with students about CSL opportunities as an Ambassador this year.

Hien Lai's LinkedIn Profile

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Andrew Kamath is a Sophomore studying Marketing with a concentration in Sales Leadership from Palatine, IL. After school, he plans to pursue a job in the technology industry. In his free time, Andrew likes to travel and is actively involved in the Chicago music community.

As a transfer student from a small town, Andrew knows how easy it is to get lost in the city so feel free to approach him about getting involved with CSL!


Michael is a Junior from the Southside of Chicago studying Marketing. He has made the most of his time at DePaul, leveraging his Sales/Marketing education to land internships with Schneider Logistics and Adobe in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mike is particularly interested in technology sales, and attributes his success thus far to his coachability and love for feedback.

His positivity and dedication to helping others makes him a natural fit for the CSL Sales Ambassador team. Interested in talking with someone about your Sales/Marketing career goals? Mike is happy to connect,...


Puja is a Junior from Mundelein, IL studying Political Science with a minor in Sales Leadership. After Puja attended several CSL workshops her sophomore year, she discovered how well her skills aligned with sales. She diverted from the traditional Poli-Sci career path to explore how she could leverage her transferable skills through Sales. Leveraging the valuable resources offered to her, Puja earned two different internship roles with Paycom and 3M for the 2018 school year and summer. Following graduation in June 2019, Puja hopes to land a Sales role in the technology industry.

As a...


Rachel is a Junior from Dayton, Ohio studying for a Bachelor of Communications in Public Relations and Advertising with a minor in Sales Leadership. During her Sophomore year she felt as if she was ready to make a change in her career path, and found that her skill set, and passions aligned with sales. Since putting a focus on sales she has had the opportunity to work with Groupon, and soon with C.H. Robinson this summer as an Account Management Intern.

She is excited to work with the Sales Ambassador team to help other students like herself, find their skill set and drive in sales,...


Sales Ambassador Distinguished Alumni

Emma Buckingham '18 - Digital Content Curator at SAP

Hannah Hosty '18 - SDR at Salesforce

Danny Loomans '17 - Business Advisory Consultant at EY

Jake Boria '17- Sales Development Rep at Sprout Social

Pam Bazan '17- Account Manager at C.H. Robinson

Solveiga Jurgaityte '17- Account Manager at C.H. Robinson

Thomas Dewey '16- Category & Modular Development Manager at Walmart

Ryan McGrail '16- Sales Analyst at PepsiCo

Gracie McGee '16- Food Safety Account Representative at 3M

Alexa Pierropoulos '16- Associate Space Analyst at PepsiCo

Juan Lopez '15 - Sales Representative for Automotive Aftermarket at 3M

Jhon Luc Cudiamat '15 - Account Manager at Uber EATS

Interested in Becoming a Sales Ambassador?

Our Sales Ambassadors are selected on a rolling basis. Please reach out to Deirdre LaVerdiere at with questions or to express interest in joining the team.