MKT 276 - Effective Business Communications

This fast-paced class teaches participants the essential corporate communication skills needed for leadership success. It was created especially to boost DePaul students’ communication prowess and positive presentation of themselves to others.

The advanced skills taught are science-based. Psychology, neurobiology and modern business practices form the foundation of this professional workshop-style course. Skills taught include: Business presentations, eMail and brief writing, networking, designing effective PowerPoint and presentations, persuasion, managing conflict with authority, controlling anxiety and managing shyness.

Participants build mastery-level oral and written communication capabilities via both classroom and distance learning. Students learn by doing. Excellence is attained as students iterate their learning experiences until they achieve maximum skills—a distinctive approach to learning. Experienced instructors create a friendly learning atmosphere that is filled with an abundance of demonstrations, videos and participant exercises.

This class is particularly useful to those who want to build practical skills that lead to comfort and capability in the US business culture through superior communication.