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Gracie McGee

Cisco: Global Account Manager

Meet Gracie! After completing 2.5 years of her declared Biology degree, Gracie found herself pondering how she could blend her love for STEM with a future career outside medicine. It was then that Gracie consulted with the excellent mentors and program directors at the CSL to declare a minor in Sales Leadership. Gracie served as an inaugural CSL Ambassador in 2015-2016 and was hired into 3M’’s coveted Frontline Sales Program in the Food Safety division. Upon graduation, she began her professional career with 3M Food Safety and later with Intuitive Surgical selling medical device solutions in the Raleigh-Durham markets. Gracie is currently a Global Account Manager at Cisco Systems, managing a Fortune 100 business relationship for Cisco. Through her journey in both the College of Business and Health and Sciences, Gracie highly valued the development and focus of exceptional communication and business skills that she credits her successful career in sales in different STEM industries. Gracie motivates her mentees to think out of the box and get creative to differentiate themselves to their customers and their companies.

Gracie is open to helping students with networking, interviewing and industry specific careers and opportunities.


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