MKT 798 - Sales Management 2.0 +

A revolution in Sales Management is occurring. Sales management is beginning to realize that the sales process as practiced in the last 3 decades is no longer relevant:

  • Cold calling is highly ineffective
  • Traditional Sales forecasting no longer is sufficient for today’s business environment
  • The sales cycle has changed remarkably
  • Presentation is no longer the focus of professional selling
  • Traditional Marketing and Sales Roles no longer apply
  • To measure and coach sales performance requires technological support.

Technology, a new focus on sales operations, and a new era of competition have permanently changed the practice of sales management. In this course students will gain an appreciation for sales operations, new sales technologies and the need to coach and train sales people better. In this course students will develop new sales management skills by participating in a term long, interactive simulation requiring them to manage a sales region for a major medical technology company. Students in this class will address sales challenges utilizing, The Callidus Cloud Coaching Suite, Terralign’s territory management technology and Cutting Edge Technology’s Connect Recruiting Program. Students completing this course will learn that technology is proving the means to transform sales management into the precise science of Sales Management 2.0.