Meet Simone Caron-Vera '14: Internal Category Manager at PepsiCo

Meet Simone Caron-Vera! She is a Fall 2014 graduate moving her way up in the world of Category Management with partner company PepsiCo. Read on to learn more about Simone!

What did you study at DePaul?

I had a major in Marketing, with a concentration in Sales Leadership (focusing on Category Management).

What internships did you have during college?

I was excited to land an internship with PepsiCo between my junior and senior year at DePaul.

Please tell us about your career path post-graduation. What is is your current job title?

I've moved up into my second role at PepsiCo (since becoming full time). I am currently an Internal Category Manager on the Strategic Insights Team. Excellent opportunities to develop and grow at PepsiCo.

What advice do you have for DePaul students in choosing/interviewing for internships?

Research the company - make sure they align to your values. Be yourself and have fun.

How did Sales Leadership courses prepare you for your career?

They got me thinking in the right way. The best thing the program gave me were the connections to different companies that helped me start my career.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.