Meet Selena D'Agostino: Category Mgmt Intern at Wrigley

Meet Selena D'Agostino! She is graduating in Spring 2018, and just landed an internship with Wrigley for Summer 2017. Read on to learn more about Selena!

Where will you be working/interning, the title of your position and your start date:

I will be working with Wrigley this summer as a category management intern.

What skills are you looking to gain from this experience?

I hope to gain real work experience and understand the more in depth process of category management.

What steps did you take to set yourself up for success and to receive this offer?

I went to the center of Sales Leadership office where I spoke to MaryAnn Gibney. She was extremely helpful in preparing me for the internship fair such as reviewing my resume, going over interview questions, and researching companies that would fit my major. I also reached out to students who have previously interned at Wrigley to gain a better understanding of what the internship would entail and how I could be of use to the company.

What word of advice would you give to current students or incoming students in Sales Leadership?

My advice would be to go to the center of Sales Leadership and talk to Maryann Gibney. I would also suggest going to the Internship Fair and speaking with as many companies as possible. My last advice is to get to know your classmates to make connections, because they may know of opportunities available in your field.

Which professors made an impact on you or your career path? What word would you use to describe them?

Joel Whalen was an amazing professor who talk us how to conduct ourselves in a business setting. Stephanie Howell helped our class to gain the confidence to speak in front of in an audience. She was encouraging and made the most insecure feel empowered. Geoff Nyheim was never my professor, but he helped me feel comfortable going to the internship fairs and introduced me to companies.

What is Sales and Leadership class you would recommend future students to take?

MKT 376 with Clancy- extremely hands on class that taught me a lot about sales basics. Taught me to be more confident in the classroom and beyond!