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Meet Michael Condes: Sales Intern at C.H. Robinson

Meet Michael Condes! He is graduating in Fall 2017, and just landed a role with C.H. Robinson as a Sales Intern for Summer 2017. Read on to learn more about Michael!

Where will you be working/interning, the title of your position and your start date?

C.H. Robinson - Sales Intern - June 2017

What skills are you looking to gain from this experience?

Listening skills. I'll never have a problem talking, but listening for the right words can be tricky. I'd like to become an exemplary listener.

What steps did you take to set yourself up for success and to receive this offer?

Tireless, relentless networking. If you haven't had a week where you wear a suit 5 days straight, and shake about 100 hands, you're missing meaningful opportunities.

What word of advice would you give to current students or incoming students in Sales Leadership?

Be nice, work hard. Simple as that. Also, utilize all the resources of the Sales Leadership Center! They're fantastic, and there are plenty!

Can you name any professors that made an impact on you or your career path? What word would you use to describe them?

Geoff Nyheim. A word? Inspirational.

What is one Sales and Leadership class you would recommend future students to take?

Just one? I loved MKT 378, Sales Strategy and Technology. Excellent class!

What skills have you learned because of Sales Leadership classes?

To be bold, to be fearless. Go after what you desire, and don't be afraid to fail. Not all things happen at the right time, but all things happen for the right reason.