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Meet Jake Boria: Customer Development Intern at Colgate Palmolive

Meet Jake Boria! He is a Spring 2017 graduate, with previous internship experience at 3M- currently interning for Colgate Palmolive! Read on to learn more:

Where will you be working/interning, the title of your position and your start date?

I am currently interning at Colgate Palmolive as a Customer Development Intern.

What skills are you looking to gain from this experience?

I am looking to get more comfortable with numbers, and be able to analyze trends using new platforms and softwares. On top of that, I hope to get a better feel for the companies brands and culture.

What steps did you take to set yourself up for success and to receive this offer?

First thing first, it was vital for me to get involved within the program and get familiar with the faculty and staff. Each and everyone person in the CSL community is eager to help and assist you in any way.

What word of advice would you give to current students or incoming students in Sales Leadership?

Never stop pushing yourself. Failing and putting yourself in uncomfortable situations will ultimately make you a better student, employee, and person!

Can you name any professors that made an impact on you or your career path? What word would you use to describe them?

Geoff Nyheim is one that quickly comes to mind. His knowledge of the industry, and passion to teach reflects through his courses and teaching methods. Although his class was the hardest I've ever taken, it by far was the most rewarding.

What is one Sales and Leadership class you would recommend future students to take?

Geoff's Sales Analytics!

What skills have you learned because of Sales Leadership classes?

I have learned to be resourceful, and to always take advantages of opportunities and resources around you.