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Meet Eric Baze: Category Mgmt Intern at PepsiCo

Meet Eric Baze! He is graduating in Spring 2018, and secured a Category Management internship for Summer 17 with CSL corporate partner PepsiCo.

What skills are you looking to gain from this experience?

A deeper understanding of the functions of sales as they relate to a large business. Also to continue to grow my skills, network, and experience in marketing and sales.

What steps did you take to set yourself up for success and to receive this offer?

I started talking with other students with Marketing majors. Then dove deeper into talking to students who were part of the Center for Sales Leadership. Finally I ended up in MaryAnn's office and she helped me get my foot in the door, giving me tips on my application and preparing me to interview with PepsiCo.

What word of advice would you give to current students or incoming students in Sales Leadership?

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! Everyone is there to help you succeed and you never know who might be that one person that could help you reach the goal you are tying to accomplish. Lastly be sure to look at many different opportunities because the one you didn't necessarily want could be the one that you really need.

Can you name any professors that made an impact on you or your career path? What word would you use to describe them?

Clancy Ryan because he is extremely passionate about the sales program and the work it does to support non-for-profits!

What is one Sales and Leadership class you would recommend future students to take?

377 especially if you want to go into non-for-profit like myself.

What skills have you learned because of Sales Leadership classes?

I have learned from my sales classes that sales isn't this boring or manipulative career. Rather it is about connecting with people and learning how to really sell yourself and your skills.