Meet AnneMarie Kouba '14: Space Analyst at Miller Coors

Meet AnneMarie Kouba! She is a Spring 2014 graduate who studied Marketing with a concentration in Sales Leadership (focusing on Category Management). Read on to learn about AnneMarie's career path at Miller Coors!

What internships did you have during college?

I was a marketing intern at MTV/Viacom Networks, and I landed a sales/category management internship at MillerCoors

Please tell us about your career path post-graduation. What is is your current job title?

Space Analyst; MillerCoors

What advice do you have for DePaul students in choosing/interviewing for internships?

Start as early as possible! Getting experience at other internships earlier in college may help you land that dream internship senior year.

If you had a minor/concentration or took classes within the Sales Leadership program, how did they prepare you for your career?

I went through the Sales Leadership program concentrating specifically in Category Management. These classes gave me the opportunity to work on case studies with some of the leading companies in the CatMan field. It was through this program that I landed my Category Management internship at MillerCoors in which I received a job offer before graduating. I now work in Space Planning at Miller and the space and retail experience I received at DePaul gave me a leg up when I stated my career-- I was able to skip right into our company's advanced space planning classes and I had class experience working with Nielsen AOD before anyone in our company had even transferred over to the new platform.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?

Learn everything you can in excel! -I'm sure college me scoffed at this but getting good at excel will make life after college a million times easier. It will also set you apart and could be the deciding factor between you and another job candidate!