MaryAnn Gibney

Manager of Student and Alumni Engagement

MaryAnn has a passion for connecting others to resources- both human and practical- and enjoys doing so through her role as the program Manager for Student and Alumni Engagement. She serves as an advocate to help students navigate Sales Leadership courses and events, provides sales specific mock interview and resume practices, and passes along career and internship opportunities.

Originally from tropical Northeast Iowa, MaryAnn brings an abundance of Higher Education/Student Affairs experience to the Center with a Masters in College Student Personnel from the University of Tennessee Knoxville, and a Bachelors in Communication Studies with a Certificate in Community Leadership and Public Service. She is passionate about higher education as a platform for leadership development, mentoring, team dynamics, and for motivating individuals and groups as they strive toward their goals.

Contact MaryAnn at mgibney1@depaul.edu.


The Center for Sales Leadership is committed to supporting the individual ambitions of students and providing unique resources to enable their success. CSL offers engaging class, self-development programs, and an extensive community of alumni, partners, and peers that prepare students to write their own exceptional stories in a rapidly changing world.

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